e-bike manufaktur

Discover Premium E.MobilitY

E-Bike Modelle 2017 by e-bike manufaktur

e-bike manufaktur

Discover Premium E.Mobility

Ebike manufaktur - E-bike City

e-bike manufaktur

Discover Premium Mobility

Urban e-bike by e-bike manufaktur

e-bike Manufaktur – Premium e-mobility

You may be wondering: “A bicycle manufacturer that only makes e-bikes?”
Yes, because the rapid pace of technological development and the growing demand for high quality e-bikes for long-term, everyday use require specific expertise. In order to meet the new demands of sustainability and style, we have put together a team of specialists, who are passionate and enthusiastic about e-mobility. The result is durable, high quality e-bikes for the contemporary mobility of tomorrow.


E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Uncompromising and ergonomic.The 13ZEHN is a s..

11LF  Shimano XT
11LF Shimano XT

E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Performance-oriented and stylish. The 11LF Shimano ..

11LF Shimano Alfine
11LF Shimano Alfine

E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Reliable and efficient.The 8-speed 11LF Shiman..


E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Contemporary and purist.The N9UN Shimano XT is..

7BEN Kompakt
7BEN Kompakt

E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Small yet mighty.Extremely nimble in the urban..


E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Comfortable and exclusive.The 5NF makes riding..


E-Bikes & Pedelecs of the e-bike manufaktur: Practical and proven.The practical entry-level..

E-Bike Manufaktur
E-Bike Manufaktur Made in Germany
E-Bike Manufakur Frame
E-Bike Manufakur Lenker
E-Bike Manufaktur Detail Bike
E-Bike detailed view - E-Bike Manufaktur
E-Bike Wheel - E-Bike Manufaktur
E-Bike Manufaktur Pedal
E-Bike Manufaktur - Saddle
E-Bike Manufaktur - Saddle 2
E-Bike premium e-mobility
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