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15ZEHN EXT 45km/h
15ZEHN EXT 45km/h Shimano Deore XT 10-speed / Bosch Performance Line Speed / 1125Wh / Disc
15ZEHN EXT Shimano Deore XT 12-speed / Bosch Performance Line CX / 1125Wh / Disc
13ZEHN Cross Wave
13ZEHN Cross Wave Shimano Deore XT 11-speed / Bosch Performance Line CX / 625Wh / Disc
13ZEHN Wave
13ZEHN Wave Shimano Deore XT 11-speed / Bosch Performance Line CX / 625Wh / Disc
13ZEHN Shimano Deore XT 11-speed / Bosch Performance Line CX / 625Wh / Disc

Trekking e-bikes for long-term sports use 

Extended trips with zero-emission drive system

Our powerful Trekking e-bikes are the perfect choice for anyone who likes to go on trips and tourists who want to travel by bike. A reliable companion both in the great outdoors and on the road, the pedelecs offer the perfect balance between weight, stiffness and high-quality equipment. Extensive bike trips (even with challenging terrain) can be mastered perfectly, thanks to the quiet, zero-emission electric drive. The attractively integrated motor offers assistance with pedaling just when you need it, while still giving an authentic cycling experience.

High-quality suspension forks combined with a relaxed sitting position guarantee maximum comfort on long bike rides. And the other equipment won't leave you wanting: all our Trekking e-bikes are fitted with Shimano components groups, which work perfectly and have been proved over long-term use. Sturdy panniers to transport luggage and lighting systems featuring sidelights are just as central to our Trekking e-bikes as their sporty, clean design.  

Our Trekking e-bike models 15ZEHN and 13ZEHN are durable, wind-proof and weather-proof everyday companions for extensive bike rides!

Manufaktur's quality meets classic German engineering

In the e-bike manufaktur in Oldenburg we develop premium e-bikes for people with the highest demands on quality, durability and design. With our focus on quality components from German manufacturers, we develop solutions for contemporary alternatives in terms of sustainable individual transport.

With drive systems from BOSCH we rely on outstanding German engineering. In addition, the list of brands of our equipment suppliers reads like a who's who of the bicycle scene: Shimano, Gates, Magura, Rohloff, Schwalbe, Busch & Müller, SKS, Ergon, Humpert, Racktime, Pletscher, Schürmann ...

We do not only pay attention to the quality and safety of the individual components, but also attach great importance to the harmonious interaction of the parts. This is the only way to create well-balanced, functional e-bikes of special quality and durability.

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