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Connect – know where it really is.

Theft protection via GPS technology
Our e-bikes are particularly valuable - especially in their function as indispensable companions in everyday life and leisure. Thieves have long since recognised that high-quality e-bikes can be a profitable business. 

With Connect, we offer a clever security system that lets you know exactly where your e-bike is at all times. The GPS-based positioning and alarm system displays the exact location of the e-bike in a smartphone app at the touch of a button and immediately reports movements as an alarm. Thanks to the cooperation with vodafone, this even works internationally.

Firmly integrated, Connect sends a continuous GPS signal that shows the current location of the e-bike in a map application in our My Bike app. Especially clever: the integrated GPS shield - an electronic barrier with motion detector. To do this, you can define a radius in the app within which the bike may move without the alarm being triggered. An integrated rechargeable battery offers a safety reserve of seven days. Charging takes place automatically via the battery of the e-bike.

In the event of an alarm, you can react immediately, notify the police and - if the thief is not found immediately - track the e-bike and determine the location even days later. An e-bike equipped in this way usually quickly finds its way back to its owner. This is important, as insurance companies often only cover part of the damage in the event of the theft of high-priced e-bikes. 

For the additional security of GPS tracking, you will only be covered from the age of 13 onwards. Monthly cost of 2.50 euros. In the first year, e-bike manufaktur will pay the amount for you.

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