Revolutionary premium drive technology:
the 48V eBike system by Continental

Top level DRIVE technology

We place incredibly high demands on the drive technology of the future. In Continental we have found a partner that develops innovative e-bike mid-mounted motors on the basis of a 48-volt system, thereby offering the highest level of drive technology.


The "48V Revolution" mid-mounted motor sees us collaborate with Continental to bring a 2 in 1-drive to market for the first time ever - with the motor and planetary gears combined within one compact case. In addition, the "48V Prime" drive is a clever option for e-bikes featuring traditional circuitry. A combination of a Continental drive, Gates belt or high-quality chain drive, along with the new Ergon control unit, will make your e-bike a technology trailblazer!

Powerful and practical:
the down tube battery


The battery for the 48V drive technology is positioned in the down tube. We even offer the fully integrated version of the battery for Wave frames. With a capacity of 500 or 600 watt hours, the energy storage system from Continental even provides enough power for long cycle rides. Another plus: the batteries can be fully recharged quickly and easily.

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e-bike battery by e-bike manufaktur

A crystal-clear overview:
the display


The display of the 48V eBike system from Continental enables you to see everything at a glance! You can see the battery level and the motor assistance level on the screen - even in glaring sunlight. Additional features: integrated navigation, fitness tracker and weather forecast. You can connect your smartphone to the display using the Bluetooth interface. This means that you can always stay up-to-date, even when you're travelling!

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e-bike display by e-bike manufaktur

Innovative and groundbreaking:
the Continental 48V Revolution


The 48V Revolution sees Continental integrate an automatic planetary drive into a compact motor casing for the first time - a world first! The 2 in 1-drive eliminates the need for the rear circuit. Choose between manual and automatic switching. In automatic mode, your pedal rate will determine when the power level changes. Gears shift dynamically, and are barely noticeable - even when you are standing at the traffic lights. Stop-and-go has never been so comfortable!

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48V Revolution e-bike motor by e-bike manufaktur

Dynamic & powerful:
the Continental 48V Prime


Whether a hub gear or a derailleur system, the mid-mounted 48V Prime motor matches perfectly with all the usual gear shifts. The 250 watt mid-mounted motor with a maximum torque of 70 Nm enables powerful acceleration. And if the battery runs out of charge while you're out and about, you can easily cycle on to the next charging point: the motor offers no resistance while cycling, just like a "normal" bike.

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Continental 48V Prime e-bike motor by e-bike manufaktur

The Ergon control unit -
easy and fast control


The new Ergon control unit makes it particularly easy to select the motor assistance level. Integrated into the handlebar grip, individual functions can be controlled simply and quickly - in addition to motor assistance, there is also a pushing aid and lighting system. Ergonomically shaped, the operating unit can be handled comfortably.

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ergon control unit by e-bike manufaktur

"This combination of a drive and automatic planetary gearing within one compact motor casing is unique to date, and marks a big step forwards towards comfortable gear changes. Just as 48V wiring systems for cars have become ready for series production, we are now setting a new standard for e-bikes with the 48V drives."

Gates belt drives by e-bike manufaktur



We have fitted some of our e-bikes with Gates' tried-and-trusted belt drive. As a result, complex lubrication and cleaning of chain and gears is now a thing of the past. This carbon-reinforced alternative to the chain is robust and requires little maintenance. In addition, the lightweight system has an impressively long service life. The lock washers also benefit from this solution: they are placed under less strain than with a chain drive.

Integration battery by e-bike manufaktur



Alongside technology and quality, design is also a key factor in the perfect e-bike! The new 48V e-bike system from our partner Continental ensures a harmonious look as the battery is included within the frame. We have even been able to fully integrate the battery into our Wave frame. A new type of frame construction combined with a low centre of gravity promises optimum stability and ride comfort!

e-bike dropouts by e-bike manufaktur

Dropouts with sophisticated function and harmonious appearance


The innovative dropout of our e-bikes offers an integrated mounting for a rear stand. In this way, the support can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, the multi-function drop-out end is equipped with an opening for the gate belt. This means it can be changed in no time at all. Thanks to its tidy appearance, the drop-out is a perfect match for the frame design.

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